Sabine Schründer
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On the moldability and transparency of inner and outer worlds.
Photography; projection, 190 cm x 250cm/ Loop, India 2015-2017


[greek: élleipsis, "omission"]
On the construction of emotional and socio-political spaces.
Photography, video and object; inkjet-prints different sizes, monitor, Berlin 2010


dynamics that exist between groups and individuals,
photography and video, inkjet-prints, different sizes, monitors, Tokyo & Berlin, 2008–2009

somewhere always something

Characterized by a questioning and curious look at the world, these are photographic finds,
which fuse together without a solid thematic basis, analog c-prints, Japan 2008

The ocean never blossoms

A cooperation with Jens Lüstraeten to the term of longing and it´s facets; photography, video and objects, Berlin 2008

intrude (into)

the territory between danger, control, security, and the individual,
photo work, inkjet-prints, different sizes, Berlin 2007

everybody thinks the same

Approaching a Collective Disorientation,
photo work, analog c-prints, different sizes, Berlin 2005

The Marilyn

photo book (unique copy), 54 analog c-prints, 18x24cm, with texts from "Life after God" /
Douglas Coupland, Canada 2002


photos and videos, funny how secrets travel on, long term project since 2001 (extracts)


[turk.: great affection, passion, passionate desire; intention, male and female first name],
slide installation and sound (two screens, 160 slides, loop), developed during the scholarship "Stipendium Für Zeitgenössische Deutsche Fotografie", Istanbul / Berlin 2000-2001


"On the need to be different", photo book (unique copy), 45 analog c-prints 23 x 31cm and exhibition,
6 c-prints 60 x 80cm and 80 x 100cm, final year project, Tokyo 1998-1999

Erim F.M.

photo work, c-prints, different sizes, Australia 1997-1998

the current case, constantly new stuff to it, since 2004