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The Best of All Possible Worlds


Ausstellung Carpe Diem
Ausstellung Carpe Diem
Ausstellung Carpe Diem

The Best of All Possible Worlds group-exhibition of
Loris- gallery for contemporary art at Carpe Diem in Lisboa.

The postulate „the best of all possible worlds“ by german philosopher and matehmatician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz caused hefty discussions and controvercy among the philosphers already in his own times. The artists took this provocing and, nowadays, seemingly absurd statement as starting point for their artistic researches in this field. In this exhibition they accunulate Photo- and videoworks that critically deal with an „ideal“ or idolised world. The Idyll today is no anachronism or artefact from a time long gone. It is farmore a very imortant aspect of the presence; a Utopia that therefore serves as surface for desires of very diffe- rent kinds. The urban surroundings of today however are more and more charged with neagtive associations and feelings.The mass no more stands for protection but rather a threat. Anonymity hardly resembles freedom but solitude and distrust. The ever rising velocity of our society turns out as hectic and stress. The modern is perceived as noise, pollution and for many people simply as danger. The image of nature is closely linked to the definition of idyll, but nowadays does not hold any romantic escape routes in store. The fragmentation of space leads to the search for a new safety. On that ground even in the urban surroundings new niches for our desires are created and possible to be found. Looking to the contemporary imaginations of nature ideals or urban niches, the sometimes nostalgic reminiscences of the past are visibly clear. „The best of all possible worlds" of today seems to appear as a grey zone between illusion and broken idyll.

Bettina Lockemann, Claudia Fischer, Ellen Bornkessel, Jana Seehusen, Jens Lüstraeten, Ruth Hommelsheim, Sabine Schründer, Susanne Huth, Ulrike Ludwig, Uta Neumann, Werner Huthmacher

CARPE DIEM 12.03.-21.05.2011
Palacio Pombal
Rua de O Soculo, 79, Bairro Alto.
1200-433, Lisboa, Portugal
Öffnungszeiten: Mittwoch bis Samstag, 14h - 20h.

I am showing the work "The Promise":

The Promise, piezo-prints, alu-dibond, framed, 59 x 72cm, 2007

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