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Arteles Residency program in Finland


BENTEN CLAY had been invited to stay one month at the Arteles Creative Center
in Hämeenkyrö in Finland.

There we had lots of time to get our managed exhibtion-marathon of
last autumn in shape and prepare our upcoming project in Évora, Portugal.

More information on our updated Website:

Very special was the event ART ON DEMAND: an Art home delivery service developed by
the artists of Arteles. On Feb 22nd the residents of the Hämeenkyrö-area had the chance to
make use of our service. Extraordinary has been the photo-shoot with the chicken called
"Musta Makkara" (finn. "Black Saussage").

Pilar Mata Dupont (AU)
Brenna Noonan (USA)
Lilian Beidler (CH)
Vanessa Vaughan (CA)
Vera Hofmann (D)
Sabine Schründer (D)

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